International day for biological diversity


International day for biological diversity

Honour the plants between the pavements, the lobsters in our seas and the mushrooms growing on the forgotten sandwich in your bag: today is the International Day for Biological Diversity!

In 1993 the United Nations proclaimed May 22th as the day to create understanding and awareness for biodiversity issues. This year the focus is on island biodiversity. Did you know islands constitute unique eco systems that are found nowhere else on earth?

These treasures are super important to the well-being of 600 islanders, one-tenth of the world's population. The Dutch Frisian Islands count 23.872 inhabitants and around 10.000 plants and animals. From microscopic organisms to fish, birds and mammals.

Also, the Frisian Islands have a lot of visitors. Visitors with wings to be clear. These islands are indispensable tanking stations for 10 to 12 million migrating birds that travel from the borders of the North Pole to their warm winter homes in Africa.

Now that's something to honor.

Illustration: Julianna Swaney