Talk show at Charlie and Mary


Talk show at Charlie and Mary

Howdy! Harry invites you to his second 'Share your tune' talk show tomorrow. This time the lovely host Simone Weimans will chat with Jan Paul Rutten (Gulpener), Daniel Zuur (Zauer records), Asceline Groot (ASN Bank) and Leonne van de Ven (De Wolven) about their tune.

Find out how Harry's guests stay true to theirselves and do what they like best while they are busy running around for an awesome company too!

Expect an inspiring night in good company with delicious organic beers by Jan Paul's Gulpener and a live musical performance by DJ and producer Daniel Zuur.

When: Thursday May 22nd 2014, 8pm - 10.30pm | Where:Charlie + Mary, Gerard Doustraat 84, Amsterdam | Free entrance, drinks on Gulpener & Grab-a-Grape | RSVP HERE


P.S. Inspired by the guests? Find your own tune with Harry's gift!