Harry's gift!


Harry's gift!

Don’t worry, be Harry! O yes, this week we offer you pure happiness tied with a ribbon. Harry’s Gift contains a beautiful urban fairy tale and a handsome tank top. Everything you need to find your tune.

A tune is a collection of moments that make you feel o so happy and relaxed. Harry illustrates life by an empty music sheet, that is yours to fill in with notes. Once you find out what your melody sounds like, you are in tune. And people that are in tune, can take good care of the world around them.

Sounds good to us! Just like the tank top that is made from organic cotton by People Tree. Wearing it reminds you to do the things that make your heart sing and your feet swing. La, la, la!

The fairy tale tells the story from Harry and his granddaughter Anna. Harry writes Anna a song for her seventh birthday. A song that tells us all an important message: find! your! tune!

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Photo: Dim Balsem