Donation to vacation


Donation to vacation

Que?! Yes, dear readers. If you donate some pesetas to support an eco camping in Spain, you’re welcome to stay in Otro Mundo for a week. Including breakfast and a meal made with homegrown vegetables. But... there are only 12 days left to fund this campaign!

In 2010 Lotte and Ruben moved to Sierra del Segura to start their own eco camping in nature. They built two retro chic domes. Each with their own en-suite bathroom, secondhand furniture and solar heated shower. You can stay there if you help Lotte and Ruben out!

What happened? They have kids. Living in a tent while building the domes was doable with two, but with five on the other hand... Lotte and Ruben started building an 'earth ship' for their family. But the earth ship is not complete without a green roof.

So they started a crowd funding campaign. Depending on your donation, you'll be rewarded with a graphic design poster, photography course or a holiday for two to five people. Ha!

Suddenly your summer plans are all clear.