What design did to us


What design did to us

Yesterday we visited De Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam. Not for theatre. Nor for a comedy show. We attended What Design Can Do, an international two-day conference exploring the power of design. 

One of our highlights was the talk by Daisy Ginsberg. Daisy is a designer, artist and writer exploring emerging technologies, developing new roles for design. She made the crowd wonder: "Can design support endangered natural species? And how about ecosystems?" The answers are not clear (yet). As a designer and artist Daisy is interested in whether biology can ever truly be designed.

What design can do? We can move mountains with it, that's for sure. Curious to hear what other speakers had to say during the first day of What Design Can Do?

Take a look at videos the speakers on Thursday May 8 here (more videos coming soon).

Image: Daisy Ginsberg and Sascha Pohflepp