Amsterdam turns indigo blue


Amsterdam turns indigo blue

Jeans! Shorts! Jackets! Amsterdam is all about denim until Saturday. Amsterdam Denim Days is a 3-day event for denim brands, lovers and designers that focuses on a brighter blue future.

Good thing! Because it takes around 1.800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce only one pair of good old jeans. One! Pair! Auch.

Luckily the Amsterdam Denim Days are here. Expect a denim sourcing trade show (invite only), workshops by Kings of Indigo x Textielfabrique on natural dyeing and Nudie Jeans presents its Recycle Your Jeans Project. They make beautiful rugs out of denim. Plus there are bio fries by Friethoes and a vintage market.

Enjoy your new, er, old jeans. Oh: you can save even more water by not washing your favourite pair. Put it in the freezer every now and then. It'll do the trick.

Photograph by MAOKIMOTO