Mini-workshop linen


Mini-workshop linen

In our first mini-workshops we shared insights about organic cotton and tencel, a more environmentally friendly alternative for viscose. Today we dig into the world of linen, one of the most popular fabrics to wear during summer.

Why is the fabric this popular? It's light and strong, very comfortable to wear and dries quickly.

And yes, linen is a sustainable fabric too! It's made from the flax plant. A strong, sturdy plant with beautiful, little blue flowers that can grow without hardly using any chemicals and fertilizers. As long as water is available, this plant is happy.

Bast fibres such as linen grow well on land that's unsuitable for food production and therefore growing flax may help to re-cultivate polluted soils.

Get yourself some funky linen items for the summer ahead here.

Image: The Fedora Lounge