Win a beautiful plaid!


Win a beautiful plaid!

Who’s waiting for you on bed? A pretty plaid from By Mölle. He’s soft, big and he warms you up after a long night of drinking wine in the park. Boutique AnnLiz gives him away! What a nice way to come home.

This plaid from 130 x 180 cm is made from recycled denim. By removing zippers and buttons from jeans wear, the fibers can be used again. The original colors of the fabrics remain, therefore bleaching or dying is not necessary.

Good pick, AnnLiz! But we can say that from kind of everything in the shop. T-shirts from Alchemist, onesies from Bobo Choses and silk dresses by Kiss and Tell... All items are carefully curated and made with just as much love for the planet.

How to get this plaid into your bedroom? Easy. Mail hello[AT] and give us one good reason why the plaid belongs to you.

Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blog for other cool stuff and win, win, win!