Support RotterZwam, make magic happen


Support RotterZwam, make magic happen

Hey you, with the foamy cappuccino. Did you know only 0,2% of every coffee bean ends up in your cup? The other 99,8% could become... MUSHROOMS! We’re not hallucinating. The gents from RotterZwam are growing your favorite pizza topping on the waste of your coffee.

And you can support this magical initiative by crowdfunding their project.There are only five days left to help these fellas reach their goal. Hush!

RotterZwam wants to produce more of these delicious oyster mushrooms. But they need to buy a mix machine, ventilation system, air filtering and climate installation first.

Donate, help reduce the waste of your cappuccinos AND get rewarded with...a mushroom sandwich at LEBKOV & Sons, a guided tour through the seed-beds or a 3 course mushroom dinner at Memory Lane. Yummm!

Illustration: Amy Blackwell