Fair Fashion Lab exhibition at Humanity House


Fair Fashion Lab exhibition at Humanity House

Humanity House in The Hague investigates the future of fair fashion in a temporary exhibition called Fair Fashion Lab.

Fair Fashion Lab presents six striking examples that demonstrate the power of design, art and technology in the search for unusual and surprising solutions to problems in the fashion industry. Humanity House wants to engage in dialogue with the clothing industry and its exhibition visitors.

Six renowned and talented designers and artists occupy a space in the lab where they can trigger visitors regarding sustainable and fair fashion.

Artist TINKEBELL will visit Dhaka (Bangladesh) and shares her reports at the exhibition. For the first time fashion designer Monique van Heist will make her design patterns public. The exhibition also includes work by artist Arne Hendriks, trendwatcher Hilde Roothart, Architecture firm space&matter and Natascha van der Velden (researcher at TU Delft and a expert in sustainable fabrics).

Visit the Fair Fashion Lab exhibition between April 25 and December 31 2014 at the Humanity House in The Hague.

Image: Tang Chiew Ling