Yoga retreat Mallorca


Yoga retreat Mallorca

First morning yoga. Then a brunch inside the villa. A nap on an airbed in the pool. Followed by a full body massage. Or a walk to the local market. That’s how an ordinary day at the yoga retreat in Mallorca looks like. And: there are six more days to come.

Packing your bags already? All you need to bring is: you. Because this seven-day yoga retreat from ITI Yoga and BeBio is all about you. Enjoy yoga workshops, super healthy meals and a meditation class under the moonlight. Oh, you will love the tranquilo way of life.

Be careful to don’t overstretch your neck while practicing yoga, because Wilhelmina Vingerhoet’s lessons come with an amazingly view on the mountains. Besides yoga, you will learn all about conscious food by BeBio and Willa Green hosts a workshop about natural skincare.

In need for some time in Mmmallorca? A Strawberry Earth voucher, passport and air ticket are the only documents you need. Psst: feel free to book a one way ticket.