Mini-workshop tencel


Mini-workshop tencel

In our very first mini-workshop we shared insights about cotton versus organic cotton. Today we dig into the world of 'tencel', a more environmentally friendly alternative for viscose. It's a biodegradable fabric that turns out to be perfect for sunny days! 

Tencel (branded name for Lyocell) is a strong and absorbent fabric that's made of natural resources. It allows your skin to 'breathe' and doesn't absorb odors. Tencel fabrics have a luxurious look and feel and are comfortable to wear.

It gets even better, folks! The chemicals to extract fibres from the raw material wood (mostly eucalyptus) are non-toxic and close to 100% of the solvent is recovered. For the production of tencel you need less water than for the production of vicose or cotton.

In the Fabrics section on our website you will find more details about fashion made of tencel.

Photography: David Schultz