Win a Dopper Steel


Win a Dopper Steel

Big. Strong.Handsome... Nope, you’re not reading a contact ad, we’re just trying to describe the Dopper Steel. Get your hands on this stainless steel water bottle and he will accompany you until the end of times.

Take him to your parents, colleagues and friends. We assure you: his minimal design pleases all eyes. Make sure to demonstrate them the two possible ways of drinking: straight from the bottle or by using the upper part as a cup.

Dopper loves water. With their bottles they keep our oceans free from plastics and they stimulate us to drink tap water. Also, Dopper uses part of their sales for building water wells in Nepal. Yay, tap water for all!

Yes, the Dopper Steel really has it all. Are you ready to welcome this water bottle into your life? Great. Mail hello[AT] and tell us why you adore Dopper Steel. The 20 winners can pick up their water bottles at coffee bar Berry. But hey, those are not thermos! So celebrate your togetherness with a brownie and a cup of coffee aside.

Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blog for other cool stuff and win, win, win!