Start leasing your office chair


Start leasing your office chair

Meet Melle Koot. Melle didn’t quite expect to end up as a Dutch Designer. He started out as a sailing skipper and worked at a carpentry during summers. Melle learned to make furniture and boy, are we glad he did!

Melle’s furniture is beautiful and simple. Easy to put together and just as easy to take apart. That way the second-hand materials can get a third life. Or a fourth, even. But do not fear, dear reader. You can enjoy Melle’s furniture without worrying about collapsing.

Another thing we admire about this Dutch Designer, is that Melle convinces companies to lease furniture instead of buying it. This way, less furniture will end up lonely and miserable and you can still change your interior without feeling guilty. Just pass it on.

So mister Melle, if there’s any chance you’re reading this: at our headquarters we would love to take care of your Ambrozijn 1.0 chair for a little while. You know where to find us!

Photograph: Pauline Joosten