Launch label Harry


Launch label Harry

On Thursday April 10th new label Harry will be launched. 

To celebrate the launch of Harry, Charlie + Mary will host the exhibition 'Wall of Tunes' in cooperation with Amsterdam based photographer Dim Balsem. This exhibition portraits people from different backgrounds and ages who share 'their tune'.

Visit the Wall of Tunes exhibition between April 11th and June 11th for your own dosis of tune inspiration at the Charlie + Mary conceptstore in de Pijp.

The brand new label Harry is built on Harry's life philosophy, which is finding out what 'your tune' is and staying true to it. By this he means doing the things that make you happy and relaxed. Harry's iconic white tank top is a reminder to stay 'in tune'.

According to Harry, people who are 'in tune' with themselves are able to take care of the world around them.

Photograph: Renee Joppe