Win a beauty package


Win a beauty package

Avocado, jojoba seeds, macadamia nuts, bisabolol and aloe vera. No, this is not a grocery list for the supermarket, but the ingredients for the Ringana body milk and body wash that the EcoLoveShop is giving away to your bathroom.

Feel free to eat Ringana's products, because both cosmetics and food supplements are 100% natural. Also, the skin care is made to order. So when receiving your day cream or bath oil, you know it’s been crafted not more than 10 days ago and stays fresh for at least three to four months.

After Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Italy finally Holland gets to know all goodies from the Alps. You can order the products via EcoLoveShop. Online that is, because preservable ingredients don’t last long in shops.

Yep, this body milk and body wash is finger licking good. And you can win it, together with a supplements sample kit, the Ringana product guide and three mini balms for hands, feet and nails.

Mail hello[AT] and tell us what food you like to put on your body.

Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blog for other cool stuff and win, win, win!