From milk to T-shirt


From milk to T-shirt

What happens if your dad gets sick and has an allergic reaction to all kinds of clothing? You just take sour milk out of the trash can and turn it into a chemical free textile. This is how Qmilk, Anke Domasken’s startup, was born in Germany.  

Cow milk. We’re really talking about cow milk. Sour cow milk, to be exact. Something that’s not hard to find in Germany, it turns out. They throw away two million tons of milk every year. Enough to produce a T-shirt for Every. Single. American!

Qmilk uses the proteins of spoiled milk for their textile production. But there is more. They only need a maximum of 2 litres of water on a temperature of 80 degrees to make 1 kilo of textile. There is no waste, the process takes 5 minutes and everything is made of 100% natural and renewable materials.

Cheers, to milk!

Illustration: Jim Leszczynski