Charge your smartphone with a dress


Charge your smartphone with a dress

Picture this: a dress that looks stunning and charges your smartphone at the same time. Technoviking and internet entrepreneur Alexander Klöpping introduced fashion designer Pauline van Dongen and her solar dress in Dutch TV show De Wereld Draait Door yesterday. Thank you, Alexander. We’re in love. 

Alexander shared his experiences on SXSW 2014: an annual music, film and interactive festival in Austin. Former ArtEZ student Pauline presented her Wearable Solar project in Texas; a gorgeous coat and dress that both capture solar light and convert it into electricity.

By wearing the coat or dress in the full sun for an hour or two, you can charge your smartphone from 0 to 100%. Both the dress and coat contain parts with solar cells that can be revealed when the sun shines or folded away when clouds appear.

That leaves us with only one question. How do we get it into our wardrobes, dear Pauline?