500 Strawberry plants measure air quality


500 Strawberry plants measure air quality

We told you strawberries will take over the world. Well, we’re not bluffing. This weekend 500 strawberry plants are being spread in Antwerp. Why? Strawberry plants can tell us more about the local air quality.

AIRbezen is a project by professor Roeland Samson and PhD student Jelle Hofman from UAntwerp: University of Antwerp. They analyze the amount of fine dust in the air by spreading our favourite fruit plants in different districts and measuring their leafs.

Roeland and Jelle needed 500 volunteers from all over the city to take care of a plant for a couple of weeks. Over a thousand people signed up to adopt a strawberry plant. Awesome! We're curious about the results of these green measure stations.

The city of Amsterdam already showed interest in this project. We are jumping up and down and will keep you posted on the developments. Let’s do this thing together! Strawberries here, strawberries there, strawberries everwhere! Who wants to adopt a strawberry plant?

Illustration: Nikki Miles