Mushroom workshop


Mushroom workshop

Fungi is so much more than a pizza ingredient. In fact, fungi is the future. On 18 March Mediamatic hosts an oyster mushroom workshop that turns you into a fully certified mushroom farmer in just two hours.

In an inflatable cleanroom you’ll muck around with mushroom spores and learn about mycelium: the roots of fungi. Mycelium can be used to literally grow a biodegradable material that can replace styrofoam and other types of plastics.

Danish designer Jonas Edvard developed an organic textile material called MYX, consisting of mycelium and hemp fibres. During his graduation he created the MYX lamp, that produces food enough for a good dinner before ending up as a functional and beautiful light object.

Mushrooms are truly magical. Figure it out yourself. In Mediamatic’s workshop. And at home, where you can harvest your own mushrooms within two weeks. Enjoy your pizza!