Watching movies with Solar Cinema


Watching movies with Solar Cinema

Spring is taking off, oh yeah! For Dutch filmmaker Maureen Prins the sun literally is the engine to a very special project. She invented the Solar Cinema, a solar-powered mobile cinema.

With the solar-powered cinema Maureen did outdoor screenings for festivals in Europe and in neighborhoods outside cities.

Great news: Maureen is touring to Ecuador as well as Spain and Tunesia by the end of 2014 with her mobile Solar Cinema!

The Solar Cinema consists of a van with solar panels attached to the roof, a converter/inverter that produces a 24-to-220 volt output and batteries to store the energy. A fantastic way to enjoy a good movie outdoors.

Everywhere she goes, the goal is the same: "We are trying to raise awareness by teaching about the importance of sustainable energy, energy efficiency, and the search for new sources of renewable energy".

Check out the website of Cineuropa for more information about Solar Cinema. The website also features an article about our very own Green Film Making Project!

Image: Michelle Kathryn