Wooden necklaces


Wooden necklaces

Watch out, world. Our Strawberry Earth take over is happening right now! With these wooden necklaces from All Things We Like everybody can release their inner strawberry. Or pineapple. Because you can pick a second necklace too!

All Things We Like designs products by hand. Sometimes using a screen printing table. Other times with a laser cutter or 3D printer. They make leather and cotton bags and cushions, and also posters and cards. Plus, beautiful products for around your neck, naturally.

Naturally indeed. Because all their jewelry is made out of 100% allergy free brass and FSC certified wood from sustainable forests. Your strawberry necklace comes with two gemstones shaped by Mother Nature: jade and cherryquartz. Shine on world!

Yep, these necklaces will all eyes twinkle. Your mother’s eyes, your best friend’s... Did we mention you can pick a second necklace already? With a strawberry discount this week! You can either keep it or give it away. Whatever you do: spread the Strawberry love!