Win 2x2 tickets Food Film Festival!


Win 2x2 tickets Food Film Festival!

Win 2x2 film tickets for the Food Film Festival on 9, 10 and 11 May in Amsterdam plus support the festival’s wonderful, feast fund. How? By participating in our Film Title Mixer!

The Food Film Festival is a three-day event and the all-embracing theme will be food and film. Chock-a-block with delightful food films, spicy debates and nourishing workshops by master chefs. And as if that wasn’t enough, enjoy your high-end dinner in the restaurant of a famous chef.

The festival is the initiative of Youth Food Movement, which is a part of Slow Food Youth Network. During the festival our daily foods will be scrutinized and contemplated and good, clean, honest food will be propagated. (We are keeping our fingers crossed for biological Strawberries with healthy cream!)

This year’s focus is on the fishing industry and a ‘Great Fishery Debate’ will be held. Good idea, because something fishy has been going on in that industry for a long time now…

Would you like to win tickets and support the FFF too? With a Golden Ticket you are guaranteed a place in the famous chef’s restaurant to enjoy a special lunch. And you will get a fantastic food film for dessert.

Go for it! Because they can still use lot of help(=money) starting up their new pop-up FFF Restaurant at the Westergastterrein.

Time to start the competition. Would you like to win tickets? Then participate in our Film title mixer!

This is how it works: take an existing film title and mould it into a palatable version.

For example:

Titanic -> Pie Tanic
Ocean's Eleven -> Onions Eleven
Goodfellas -> Foodfellas
Ghost Busters -> Toast Busters
A Clockwork Orange ->... oh, that’s one already.

You can probably do better than us Silly Strawberry-Heads. Send your creation before 17 March to hello[AT] and start the Yummy Feasting!

Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blogfor other cool stuff and win, win, win!