Do good with the Do Goodie Bag


Do good with the Do Goodie Bag

Hello. Today you can support the homeless, clean the oceans and look pretty damn nice in the supermarket. Seriously. The Do Goodie Bag is one fine looking bag for all your groceries. It saves plastics and is available at your local street newspaper vendor.

For only four euros. Really? Really.

In The Netherlands we use around 350 plastic bags per person each year. That means over 5 billion plastic bags in total end up in the sea. And... in the bellies of birds and fish. In fact: it causes death for 100,000 animals every year. Boo!

Gemeente Amsterdam and Stichting Z! teamed up with DUSarchitects to find a solution in style: a sustainable grocery bag with a strong graphical design. Take a closer look. You might notice the black and white pattern is a 3D remake of the recycle logo.

The Do Goodie Bag is for sale at your street newspaper vendor for the price of a big cup of coffee. The vendor keeps half of your money to compensate the declining sales of the street newspapers. Everybody happy? Everybody happy.

Photograph: Jeanette Cornelisse