Meet 3 local heroes at Charlie + Mary


Meet 3 local heroes at Charlie + Mary

We'd like you to meet some of our local heroes. Why are they superheroes to us? Because they do what they love. And their efforts result in the most beautiful design, art pieces and coolest vintage classics.

Check out their work at the Charlie + Mary concept-store in de Pijp in Amsterdam!

Our top 3:

- Raphael Stegman from Stegeman meubels is renown for his unique and high quality furniture designs. His stunning home decoration pieces are handmade out of natural wood.

- Jurjen Johan is our Amsterdam based expert in vintage fashion for men. He carefully selects and collects vintage fashion and accessories. Not taking trends too seriously, he offers a collection of timeless classics of high quality.

- Jamie Sutherland, an artist based in the Pijp in Amsterdam, is inspired by the urban experience of Street Art and the art of indigenous cultures. 'The Jungle has eyes' series is based on ordinary objects that are considered strange or interesting because they originated in a distant foreign place.