Win a cuddly sweater


Win a cuddly sweater

Meet Mr. Billy Goat! Our new favorite animal from Geitenwollenshirts. Let him warm you up on a rainy day or a chilly evening. Mr Billy Goat is soft and cuddly and essential in every girl’s or gent’s closet.

Geitenwollenshirts designs shirts and sweaters you want to pet all day. With great graphics, beautiful materials and a perfect fit, Geitenwollenshirts shows you can own a great outfit that is just as great to people, animals and the planet.

Yep, nothing to bleat about! The clothing is made of organic cotton and tencel; a synthetic fibre from sustainable wood pulp. All shirts and sweaters are labeled as Fair Wear, that means your clothing is produced in an awesome way.

How to get Mr. Billy Goat into your stable? Mail to hello[AT] and tell us why you need some company of this furry friend. Goat luck!

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