Mini-workshop cotton vs organic cotton


Mini-workshop cotton vs organic cotton

Charlie and Mary dig into the world of cotton! What makes organic cotton a better choice than regular cotton? 

First of all, no chemical fertilizers are needed and less water is needed to grow organic cotton. When cotton is organically grown, the land stays fertile for a longer period than when conventional cotton is grown on that same field.

In the long run, growing organic cotton has a positive effect on the lives and incomes of farmers who grow the cotton. Also, organic cotton is healthier for the people wearing it.

When cotton is Fairtrade certified, it means that the farmers receive a premium on top of the cotton price. These premiums are invested in local communities. For more information about Fairtrade certified cotton check out this video.

In the Organic cotton section on our website you will find more details about fashion made of cotton.

Photograph: Chloe Chante