Get bees back in business


Get bees back in business

Without bees, there wouldn’t be strawberries. In a previous blogpost we wrote about the bees that aren’t doing too well. We reckon it’s time for a business plan for bees!

To help bees get back in business, a collective of Amsterdam based entrepreneurs established the world's first business club for bees: Business4Bees (B4B).

B4B facilitates natural urban beekeeping to help bees stay healthy in an urban environment. B4B aims to help 100 bee colonies in the first year by building them hives. They also plant bee-friendly trees, plants and flowers throughout the city.

Companies can join the world's free business club by funding a hive. In return, the hive will wear the company logo. You'll also get an introduction course on urban beekeeping. You'll get a bee excursion for employees and, in return, access to all B4B business events.

Let’s help these busy bees with their buzzing business!