Spotted in strawberry proof fashion


Spotted in strawberry proof fashion

We simply love the fact that there are a lot of influentials out there who wear the 'true fashion' labels that we represent! By ‘true fashion’ we mean items that are made with love and respect for people and the planet. 

Here is a small selection of ambassadors that make us proud because they make a statement by wearing sustainable fashion!

DJ Nuno Dos Santos regularly spins his decks dressed in Halona or People Tree.

Actress Thekla Reuten, ambassador of the Green Film Making Project of Strawberry Earth, arrived in style in the latest Studio JUX jumper at a movie premiere.

Sanne Vogel is directing a new movie called 'Hartenstraat’ and the cast wears fashion that is as sustainable as possible. While shooting the film, she shined bright in her People Tree dress.

And keep an eye on our fabulous newsreader Simone Weimans who loves to wear stylish pieces by L'Herbe Rouge