Don't miss this boat!


Don't miss this boat!

Looking for a location which puts your brainstorm, workshop or training session into rapids? The geWoonboot is an inspirational houseboat at the Amsterdam NDSM-shipyard where the rapids of the mind will easily gain momentum.

This is exactly why Strawberries like getting together here: it is truly an idea bearing ship, which shows that both sustainable living and working on water are quite the natural thing.

The geWoonboot supplies its own energy needs. It collects its own water from rain, which is reused after purification. Literally all that happens in and around the boat has sustainability written all over it.

More shipping news. The geWoonboot now joined forces with GeldGROENwassen. This means you can buy credit notes on the boat.

Buy the meeting credit notes and the boat invests in a number of extra green causes:

- extra solar panels so as to become energy neutral

- the most energy friendly refrigerator

- saving the geWoonboot concept for the future

Get more information or make a reservation here. Crystal-water-clear: on to a fleet of geWoonboats!