Win 60 free washes with Seepje!


Win 60 free washes with Seepje!

From now on we’re going to do our laundry with Seepje. It leaves your clothes feeling soft, with a lovely smell, and above all really clean! Especially because Seepje is a 100% good for our Strawberry Earth too. 

Ready for something new? Doing the laundry with Seepje means washing with ‘peels’. What!? To be more precise, the peels of the Sapindus Mukorossi fruit.

The fruit grows in Nepal, where people know for years that it’s best to wash with the power of nature. Founders of Seepje, Jasper and Melvin, decided to introduce this smart and clean way of washing in The Netherlands. Fresh idea guys!

But do you know why Seepje is super fresh? Seepje fights for better labour conditions in Nepal and all their employees get a fair wage. Oh and for every 500 packages that are sold, Seepje plants a tree with the Trees for Life project. Nice one.

Wanna try it out? Win 60 free washes with Seepje by sending us a photo of your (overflowing) washing basket.

The person most in need (washing basket emergency situation) wins! Mail your photo to: hello[AT]