Veggie reminder


Veggie reminder

We love strawberries. But not in January. We’d rather wait for the real berry season. But what if you forget which veggies and fruit belong to which season? This beautiful calendar from Krank Press is the key to not forgetting in 2014!

We all know it’s good to eat according to the seasons. It’s better for you because seasonal veggies and fruit contain more vitamins and taste better. And, seasonal is also better for our planet because it means food will naturally grow closer to home, even grown in your own green house. 

Because sometimes us city berries get a bit confused… are aubergines harvested in spring or late summer? And what about Jerusalem artichokes or blue berries? With this calendar you’re always up to date, even without having your own little veggie garden. 

Oh yes...and where can you buy this lovely calendar?

Here you go