Win one night in a stylish hermit


Win one night in a stylish hermit

Imagine a place in the middle of nature. Disconnected from your daily stress. But connected to the people you’re with. Off-the-grid and super stylish. This strawberry utopia, called The Hermit Houses, is now being created. And you can win a stay. Whooptidoo!

To make this green dream come true a crowdfunding project is now underway Life Unplugged. And they need your help! If you support the project, you’ll get a unique stay in the first Hermit House in Overijssel in return.

Two young architects developed the Hermit Houses. Completely self-sufficient cabins that can be placed wherever you wish. Of course, completely built to run without harming the environment. So, it’s definitely a project worth supporting.

For us, strawberry warriors, there’s an extra chance to enjoy this cabin dream. You can win a stay for 2 nights for 2 people, worth €300! Send us (hello[AT] why you support this amazing project and you might stay in one of the Hermit Houses. Provided the crowdfunding project is successful of course!

And once the first Hermit House is a reality. There will be two, three, four… And maybe one day one of your very own. So start dreaming of where to place your own cabin: in the middle of a forest, the banks of a beautiful lake or on top of a Dutch ‘mountain’.