A lighter 2014


A lighter 2014

The countdown has begun. Our New Years resolution? Pack light! With fewer possessions, fewer worries and way more time to have fun.

The "Lichter Leven" calendar will help you achieve this. It provides you with 365 + 1 inspiring tips, thoughts and wisdoms on how to make life a little bit more fun and a little less stressful. 

Just order the calendar via the webshop and get a big Strawberry discount. Pay €10 instead of €17,50. Fill in the word STRAWBERRY in the box that says ‘kortingscode’. 

By doing so, you might get a little extra from Father Christmas: a (fair-trade) Fire Pot from India. You can use it as a barbecue or a cosy little fireplace in the garden. 

Besides this calendar DIF Books also releases books that ‘burst with optimism’ like ‘Best Friends Cookbook’. 1 euro for each sold book goes to The Flying Pig Foundation.

A foundation that supports projects like an internet schooling centre powered by solar energy for children who are saved from the diamant mines in Sierra Leone. Great work!