Win a solar panel!


Win a solar panel!

Always wanted to catch sun rays and give it to someone? It’s possible! Give De Zon Kado! You can open a personal ‘saving page’ to save for a solar panel. And we’ll give you a sunny start, because you can win one solar panel worth €250 for free!

Ok, this is how it works. You can give your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours a part of their very own solar panel. How does it work? Simple, you open a personal page to start saving for a complete set of solar panels.

And everyone can contribute to part of the panel. See it as crowdfunding - or better said ‘friendfunding’ - it lets your friends enjoy all the benefits from this private energy supply. Big energy bills? They’ll melt like snow in the sun! 

Because it’s the time for giving, we’re giving away one solar panel worth € 250! After you have signed up online, the people of De Zon Kado will call you to tell you how it works and if you have won the solar panel.

Please mention that you are a 'Strawberry friend' and you might be 'shining' with green power from your own solar panel really soon!

Image by: Freya Art & Design