Strawberry Earth at IDFA!


Strawberry Earth at IDFA!

We are BIG fans of IDFA and have selected the best documentaries from the "Green Screen" selection. On 29 November we host a special Strawberry Earth program this year at IDFA from 12.00 noon till midnight! 

Simone Weimans (NOS news anchor) is your host for the day, with talks and Q&A’s with philosophers, specialists and scientists.

Here's our line-up: 

- FILM "The Ghosts in Our Machine" from Liz Marshall with special guest Marijke Verduyn, author of "Het Dier is Mens Geworden/Het Dier is Ding Geworden" ("Animals Have Become Humans/Animals Have Become Things")

- FILM "Ecopolis" from Anna-Karin Grönroos with architect Nathalie de Vries from MVRDV

- FILM "Pandora's Promise"  from Robert Stone with energy professor Jo Hermans from the 'Energy Survival Guide'

- FILM "Aim High in Creation" from Anna Broinowsky with special guest Roland Duong from Keuringsdienst van Waarde

A great program for everyone who prefers their sustainability with a sprinkling of inspirational storytelling and expertise!

Here's what you need to know: 

- Date: 29 November from 12.15 till midnight, (you can also pick just one film)

- Venue: Brakke Grond theater, Nes 45, Amsterdam

- Buy your film ticket(s) here

See you there!