Tasty hotspot!


Tasty hotspot!

Don’t feel like cooking? In need of a caterer? Head to Moon’s Organics. A delicious (organic) catering business from Utrecht where you can order a dish or learn how to cook!

Parties, picnics, business lunches, or just that don’t-feel-like-cooking-mood: Moon's Organics satisfies all rumbling tummies with delicious dishes. Homemade by chef Anemoon, you can get a 'strippenkaartservice’ and prepare special dishes for special occasions like: birthday cakes or an exclusive dinner for two at home! 

It bubbles with creativity in the Moons kitchen, especially because Anemoon loves to experiment. Take their ‘adoption of veggies’ for instance and the fact that everything is cooked without bestial ingredients. 

A peek into the kitchen (which you’re very welcome to actually do!) will give you a peek at the Dehydrator. A 'zooming monster' that is perfect for drying mushrooms, fruit and veggies.

The Dehydrator is used to make an ‘instant’ pasta sauce or a risotto. Curious? Us too! The dry pasta sauce or risotto get vacuumed, doused in hot water, et voilà, let those aromas steam up your nose… Yumm!

In short: food. Good food. Do you want to become a kitchen prince(ss) yourself? Put a (strawberry)crown on your head and sign up for a workshop. Happy cooking!