Impact Hub party!


Impact Hub party!

Watch out, The Hub Amsterdam has a new name: Impact Hub Amsterdam and they’re moving to a beautiful new location in Westerpark. Plenty of reasons for a big party where us Strawberries can chit chat and practice our sleazy dance moves into the early hours... 

Impact Hub Amsterdam has a lot to celebrate. It’s their 5th anniversary this year, they have  a new name and a new home. And besides all of this, they’re starting with a new fund: The Impactmakers Fund. Through this fund it’ll be easier than ever for innovative entrepreneurs to make their unique dreams come true. Impact Hub Amsterdam is there to help with: 

- knowledge on new business models

- a network of mentors and investors

- a great place to work plus an inspirational community to connect with

- start-up scholarship 

To combine the useful with the playful, Impact Hub Amsterdam is organising an epic event. Make new friends on the dancefloor and taste plenty of ‘berry proof’ deliciousness! The revenue of the party will go directly into the Impactmakers Fund. And it’s with this fund that projects which have an immediate and positive impact on society will be helped. Great!

In short:

- Buy your tickets here

- A ticket costs €25. That includes a ticket for you + a guest (So, 2 tickets for just €25!)

- When: 21 November, from 7 pm

- Where: Haarlemmerweg 8-10, Amsterdam