Win a Coisa original


Win a Coisa original

Chilly evening? Cover yourself with Coisa! That’s a exotic name for: amazing piece of fabric that you can wear in ANY way. And the best news is: this scarf / cape / poncho can be yours.

In December 2012 Kim van der Wel created The Coisa Original: a multifunctional accessory that lights up every winter’s day. After that the Coisa Square followed: an oversized and ecological painted scarf. High five for no nasty chemicals, Kim!

The Coisa Original and Square are made by hand in a small studio in Portugal. All crafty hands get a fair price for their work and all goods are produced with lots of care for a morango terra! 

You got it! The Coisa Original is essential to survive this winter. So give us one good reason why you need one, mail it to hello[AT] and we might warm you up…