Beanmachine at work


Beanmachine at work

Do you want REALLY good coffee at work? Be mean and go for the Redbeans Beanmachine! Get the perfect cup of biologic coffee at work with a REALLY good taste. And 30% discount until 31 December 2013. Cheers to that!

Redbeans wants all offices in Holland to drink GOOD coffee. Coffee made of pure, hand picked, biologic Arabica beans, bought for a fair price and produced with a lot of care for the planet. Bam! It’s a bombastic and biologic explosion in your mouth.

Attention folks. A Beanmachine at your office:

- Gets you coffee made of super fresh and biologic Arabica beans

- Makes all coffee varieties

- Is easy in use and maintenance

- Comes with perfect service. No fine print in this contract!

You may wonder now: OK, what do I have to do for this discount? Do I need to whisper ‘Strawberry’ somewhere?  None of this! You just get the discount when buying or hiring a Beanmachine before 31 December 2013. That’s it. Lean and mean like that.

Want to know more?  Mail info[AT] and receive all info within 24 hours. Cheers again!

Image: Of Life and Lemons