Your 'tosti' is ready!


Your 'tosti' is ready!

The 'Tostifabriek' (Toasted Sandwich Factory) is celebrating! Their first 'tostis' are ready for ‘harvesting’. You can witness this historical moment at the Oostenburgereiland in Amsterdam on 14 September. 

On 21 March 2013 they began building a factory with all necessary ingredients for making the perfect 'tosti': a grain field, pig sty (for the ham) and a cow shed (for the cheese). All because they wanted to explore how much work actually goes into making a simple sandwich. Well, as it turned out, a lot of work! 

The result:

- HAM 188 days work

- CHEESE 89 days work

- BREAD 177 days work

Probably not what you would have guessed, right? The 'Tostifactory' aims to make us think about our food: where does it come from; and how much work is required for to get it onto our tables? 

But first things first. Time to say 'cheers' to a very well executed experiment. Congrats 'Tostifabriek'! The 'tosti' harvest will be celebrated with music, a rodeo, food, dancing and more farmers’ fun!

Don’t want to miss out? Neither do we! Keep an eye on the 'Tostifabriek' website. More info about the party follows soon. Yeehaw!