The safest car ever


The safest car ever

Good news, world! The Tesla Model S received 5 stars in every category of an American safety test. That means it’s the safest car ever in American history. We repeat: EVER.

The electric sedan got a total score of 5,4 stars on a scale of 1 to 5 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. How is that even possible? This car must be unbelievable good.

Tesla explains an electric car has no fuel engine under the bonnet, so the crumple zone at the front is extra big. Also the Model S hardly rolls over. The batteries are mounted near the base, which gives the car a very low centre of gravity and because of that: extreme good road ability.

During the crash test, they just couldn’t turn this car upside down. Wow. We feel safe already. Where can we get in this car? Women and children first!

Illustration by EinBierBitte