The high cost of 'cheap'


The high cost of 'cheap'

Why are we so obsessed with 'cheap'? Cheap is actually often more expensive in the long term. Huh? Yes. 

This book is a real eye opener on how we consume. Shell (don't judge a writer by the name ;-) is a journalist and professor at Boston University and uncovers the true cost for making and buying things as cheaply as possible. 

The rise of the chain store in post-Depression America led to a culture of: 'convenience over quality' and big-box retailers completed the reeducation of the American consumer by making them reward low price in the way they once rewarded durability and craftsmanship.

And the effects have been enormous: a ruined landscape, escalating debt (both personal and national), stagnating incomes and collapsing communities. 

Conclusion? We say: let's go for an economy based on quality, craftsmanship, small scaled industry and socially & sustainably smart products!