'plankgas' - the movie!


'plankgas' - the movie!

Driving on poop? Yes, poop! Journalist Marie-Claire van den Berg drove a car powered by this surprising fuel for two years and made a movie about it: Plankgas! (Full Throttle). You can join the premiere party of the film where you can also win a free monthlong test drive! 

Poop, GFT waste and sewage sludge are what green gas is all about: one of the cleanest fuels there is and almost twice as cheap as gasoline! But... why are cars powered by green gas virtually unheard of? And how come dirty hummers pay less road tax?


Plankgas! has the answers. The Plankgas! movie premiere party is on 13 September 2013 in Amsterdam Roest.

At this green and mean party, green gas will be live produced with cow poop from the Tostifabriek and lots more Strawberry stuff will be going on too. Green singer/songwriter Florian Wolff will perform and Caspar Burgi will be barbecuing organic meat on a green gas powered barbecue.

And visitors can also win one month of free driving in a Volkswagen Up! or Lancia Ypsilon Ecochic (powered by green gas of course!).

Hey ho, let’s go! The first 30 people to email hello[AT]strawberryearth.com will be sure of a ticket.

- Date: 13 September 2013 

- Time: 16.00

- Location: Roest, Amsterdam