Mud jeans (p)lease!


Mud jeans (p)lease!

Strawberries get a €5,- discount on a lease jeans from Mud Jeans this week. Lease a jeans? Yes, it’s possible. Leasing is the new buying. And just like with lease cars is repairing free in case of any damage! 

Mud Jeans is a fashion label with a strawberry mindset: organic certified fabrics, fair and re-use of materials. Some people think sustainable fashion is too expensive. Et voilà: Mud Jeans makes it affordable for everyone with their lease concept. With a low amount of money you’ll spend a month, you can enjoy a very nice pair of jeans. And is it time to say goodbye to your jeans? Send it back to Mud Jeans and this happens:

- Someone else will wear it > after the jeans has been washed of course

- Someone else will wear it after the pair is fixed > if it was damaged

- Someone else will enjoy your jeans after it has been pulverized to make new yarn to make a new pair of jeans 

Pretty amazing right? That’s what you call a circular economy. Have a read here to find out ho wit works exactly. Instead of €20,- , you’ll just pay €15,- and after that €5,- a month. Plus you don't have to pay shipping costs.

To receive your pair of Mud Jeans with a discount, please send an email to  info[AT] and mention Strawberry Earth.