Strawberry discount at hear hear!


Strawberry discount at hear hear!

Pssst…We’ve discovered a new pearl in Amsterdam: ‘Hear Hear’. Hidden away in a narrow street you’ll find a treasure room full of beautiful items for your home, wardrobe and lots more. And you strawberries get a 20% discount this week! 

Hear Hear is an initiative by Samuel Dirksz and Rena Noordermeer. They love hunting for design gems and like natural materials. Watch out though, because once you enter Hear Hear, you won’t want to leave.

With an ‘over-the-top’ big couch, four guinea pigs, a jungle of plants and a refreshing design collection, you’ll feel so much at home, you’ll almost forget to go home.  

And it’s very hard to choose too… Do you go for fine glass or ceramics, a nice book, cool rucksack, design sunglasses or a plant? Enough choice out of a wide range of strawberry friendly labels like BAGGU, Hout Couture, Lila Ruby King, Woolypocket and plenty more! 

So, how do you get the 20% discount? That’s very simple. Just say the codeword ‘hearberry’ when you’re paying or fill it in at 'kortingsbon' when you shop online. 

Have fun!