Greenest city competition


Greenest city competition

London, New York, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Amsterdam or Stockholm: Which city is the greenest? Co.Exist will select 3 of these cities for their  'top 10 smart cities on the planet'. Love that title - being green means being smart!

It's going to be a tough battle... Amsterdam has one bike for every 0.73 people, Copenhagen has legislation requiring all new buildings to have green roofs and only 44% of New Yorkers own a car, compared to 95% of Americans overall. 

It’s hard to measure what makes one city "greener" than another city, but there are some clues: car ownership, green space, bicycle usage, solar installations, recycling, and water consumption are just some of the factors.

All the different info graphics show what the 6 cities are doing. Have a look at the topics here

So, which city is the 'smartest'? What do you think?