Mint at modefabriek


Mint at modefabriek

It's time for MINT again! This Sunday and Monday MINT showcases amazing fashion made with respect for people and our environment at the Modefabriek in Amsterdam. 

MINT proves that style and consciousness can go hand in hand in fashion. Buyers and fashion-lovers can get inspired by a range of fashion brands like: AIKYOU,  KISS AND TELL,  ARMEDANGELS, L’Herbe Rouge, People Tree and Studio JUX

This edition of MINT also offers a great selection of workshops, launches and DIY-options. Like:

- WellMade sessions: daily at 12:00 and 15:00

Practical sessions for all fashion brand employees – from designers to buyers – on how anyone’s day-to-day work can be adapted, and which decisions and practical steps to take, to help improve working conditions in your brand’s supply chain. Given by Fair Wear Foundation.

- Launch: OATies: Monday at 13:00

On Monday the world’s first completely biodegradable baby shoes are launched: OATies! Once a baby outgrows them, they can be planted and a life tree will grow out of the shoes! 

We're already looking forward to it! Are you joining us?