Yfm 'forgotten meat' dinner


Yfm 'forgotten meat' dinner

This Monday our friends from the Youth Food Movement organise a special dinner in Merkelbach, Amsterdam called "Bij de Horens Gevat" - which means something like "Grab the bull by the horns". 

With this dinner YFM wants to stir a debate about about the way we consume meat. In The Netherlands animals are especially cultivated for the meat. This means a big burden on our animals and environment. Instead we could eat animals that are killed because the population is getting too big, like wild goose or old horses and cows that are no longer wanted. An interesting debate for all our non-veggies! ;-) 

During dinner, you'll also enjoy a live performance of sing & songwriter Tess van der Velden. Do you want to join the convesation and eat a lovely meal at the same time? The 4-course dinner costs €35 and you can order your ticket here

Check the Youth Food Movement website for more info.