Bangkok tree house


Bangkok tree house

If there is one metropole in the world that is NOT known for its environmental credits, it would be Bangkok. The dirt, the smell, and the smog are almost unbearable!

But... believe it or not, even in Bangkok there’s a glimpse of green hope! Hidden on a big lush an green island in the river, only accesible by boat, surrounded by palm trees, birds and fresh air, a bunch of amazing treehouses arise from the swamp. Three story luxury huts including a deck terrace overlooking the river - and at night a wonderful skyline. Welcome to the Bankok Tree House!

Owner Joey has done everything in his power to not only make the coolest hideaway in Bangkok, but he also made sure that the footprint you leave behind is as little as possible. The list of green credentials is almost endless (the whole alphabet!), and all the food in the restaurant is organic.

Guided bike rides are provided, you’ve got over a hundred ‘green’ documentaries and films in your room and for every booking, Joey fishes a kilogram of plastic out of the river. Now that’s what we call dedication! 

So next time you’re in Bangkok, forget about the malls and the traffic jams. Just take the skytrain and boat straight to the ‘green lung’ of Bangkok! Oh, and did I mention the insects? Every room has its own insect theme! Naturally was sleeping with the bees...because of my dedication to BEEING